Integrated Testing of Applications

Integrated Testing of Optical-Wireless Communication Applications

Application and service testing for different network resources. For C-RAN application testing, the central room is connected to the physical radio heads where prototype or commercial transceivers can be used allowing telecommunication service providers to test specific applications. The procedure and interaction will be similar to the one of system testing involving this initial joint specification.


The supported services include, testing the QoS provided by an application running on a standardized technology in an environment close a real deployment.

Possible examples:

  • Set up experiments involving real users (volunteer students), to assess latency of an application, and suitability of the technology to transport it;
  • Characterize the QoS of an application as a function of the network’s load (resorting to volunteer students);
  • Evaluate the effects of vertical handovers continuity of the QoS application in the presence of vertical handovers.