Integrated Testing of Networks

Integrated Testing of Optical-Wireless Communication Networks

Offer of dynamic characterization of the network by using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The services provided will include: set-up of the system to be evaluated by including the appropriate functionalities in the central room and system configuration (including the radio-heads if necessary); integration of physical signals in the simulators if needed; test running and result collection. This service requires a joint specification phase between the ORCIP support team and the customer.


The supported services include, testing a subsystem (radio and/or optical) in an environment close to a real deployment.

Possible examples:

  • Characterize the performance of data compression schemes at the radio heads;
  • Characterize the capacity of novel proposals of optical transmission schemes to transport radio signals;
  • Test vertical handovers between different technologies;
  • Program novel RRM algorithms at the central location and characterize performance.