Atílio Gameiro


ORCIP Aveiro

Implementation Team Member

Atilio Gameiro accumulates positions of development and Operational Manager (with the responsibility for the overall infrastructure developments, maintenance and technical support) with implementation member of WP2 (Central Laboratory) where he will be responsible for the acquisition of equipment and development of testing automation for the novel and existing equipment; Integration of commercial radio systems in the testbed and linkage to the physical deployment. Development and integration of reference 5G (C-RAN) with the automatized testing system and physical deployment of radio heads and front-haul fiber. Integration with simulation domain physical signals from the radio systems. Integration of all the central laboratory functionalities with internet.

Management Team Member

Development and Operational Manager


Atílio Gameiro received his Licenciatura (five years course) and his PhD from the University of Aveiro in 1985 and 1993 respectively. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Electronics and Telecom. of the University of Aveiro, and a researcher at the Instituto de Telec., Pólo de Aveiro, where he is head of group. His industrial experience includes a period of one year at BT Labs and one year at NKT Elektronik. His main interests lie in signal processing techniques for digital communications and communication protocols, and within this research line he has done work for optical and mobile communications, either at the theoretical and experimental level, and has published over 200 technical papers in International Journals and conferences. His current research activities involve space-timefrequency algorithms for the broadband wireless systems and cross-layer design. He has been involved and has led IT or Univ of Aveiro participation on more than 20 national and European projects, namely the IST projects ASILUM, MATRICE, 4MORE, ORACLE, ICT, QOSMOS, ASPIRE. He has coordinated CODIV and performed the technical management of the IP FUTON.