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José R. Ferreira da Rocha was born in Mozambique. He received in telecommunication systems and a Ph.D. degree inelectrical engineering, both from the University of Essex, Essex, UK, in 1980 and 1983, respectively. He participates actively in the Instituto de Telecomunicações, a national R&D nonprofit organization, where he is a member of the Management Committee (Aveiro branch) and the National Coordinator for the Optical Communications Area. He has coordinated the participation of the University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal, and Instituto de Telecomunicações in various projects included in the following European Union (EU) R&D Programs in the area of telecommunications: RACE, RACE II, ACTS, and IST. In the past few years, he has acted as a Technical Auditor, Evaluator, and Independent Observer for the evaluation of projects submitted to various EU R&D Programs. He has also participated in various project evaluation boards set up by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), UK. By invitation of the ACTS Management Committee, he participated in the Expert Groups on Visionary Research in Communications, aiming to create a bridge between the activities carried out in the Fourth and the Fifth Framework Programs on EU activities in the field of research, technological development, and demonstration. He is currently a Full Professor at the University of Aveiro. He has published about 170 papers, mainly in international journals and conferences. His present research interests include modulation formats and receiver design for very high capacity (above 40 Gb∕s) optical communication systems based on linear and nonlinear transmission and wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) optical networks.